Georgina & Greg – A London engagement

I had never met Georgina and Greg before. This is how everything started. A Friday night in London, I was heading back home with my friend Angela after a few beers at the pub. On the platform, while waiting for the tube that would have taken us back to Canada Water, I caught a glimpse of a boy and a girl dressed as if they were two ancient Greeks outside the Parthenon.
At the beginning, I thought I had drunk too much and that was just a hallucination, but when they sat down just in front of me I realized that it was real. I hadn’t drunk that much, indeed. The situation was so unlikely that I couldn’t risk missing it, so I approached them and started talking. That wasn’t too much of an effort for me, since I love talking to strangers. I asked them if I could take some photos and we decided to exchange our e-mail addresses to keep in touch. We wrote each other quite often in the next few days and when we found out that we lived pretty close (as much as you can live “close” to someone in London) we decided to meet up in Rotherhithe for a drink. We liked each other a lot and after a couple of weeks, I ended up at their house for a shooting session. I wanted to celebrate their love and our brand new friendship. We spent an entire Sunday together, with me following them everywhere like a stalker, and they just had to act as if I wasn’t there and they were just hanging out on a normal Sunday in April. We started with them waking up in the morning, going for a run, making pancakes. We didn’t manage to eat all the pancakes because we ended up playing with eggs and kitchen tools. After breakfast, we went for a walk and as the hours went by chatting, I felt as if we had known each other for a very long time. We then had lunch at an Indian restaurant in Brick Lane; it was one of the sunniest days since I had been in London. I had an amazing time with them, they told me about their trips around the world with their bikes, a tent and a sleeping bag and I couldn’t stop dreaming.
I can definitely tell they are the funniest couple I have ever met. Everyone should be so passionate, happy, and harmonious. Our story didn’t end with that shooting, as Georgina and Greg promised me they will come visit me in Puglia, and I can’t wait to meet them again.