When my neighbours took this picture, I wasn’t aware of what the word ‘future’ meant yet, but I can now tell a hint of my future was already there.

Even though I am grown up now, I just feel as if I were the same kid portrayed in the photo: a rebel, ironic, idealist, always available, funny, anxious, extremely jealous, persistent and obsessive soul and– shame on me – an extremely sensible and sincere person.

My dream as a child was to be a lawyer and I made it, I am a lawyer now. But as time went by, I decided to pursue my passion for photography. I have slowly understood that the only way to be happy is by pursuing our own dreams! I spent years searching for my own path, but nothing made me happy: I tried music (I would rather not talk about it…), painting (apparently, I wasn’t really good at that neither), theatre (no comment!)…
I got overexcited at all those attempts in the beginning, but after a few months, I always ended up being bored. I couldn’t find anything that fully satisfied me.

It was only by chance that I approached photography, but I realized straight away that it was the right choice that wouldn’t have bored me. And I wasn’t wrong!

Finding photography was just like finding a part of myself and listening to it. I found out that I would have been able to step into other people’s lives on tiptoe and live an intimate and personal experience through their stories. I found out that I would have been allowed to explore my own life starting from someone else’s life. And that this path would have always been unpredictable and filled with surprises.

I decided to start this journey and I am not going to stop.

I hope my images can transmit all the love I have and I hope I will be given the chance to tell YOUR story one day.

I hope to meet you in person someday. See you soon!