Here you can read all the steps that distinguish my work. I will tell your day from the preparations to the moment where all the guests have their ties knot around their heads.

Save the date

Wedding photography 

How about an original and fun wedding announcement? My ‘Save the date’ aims at announcing the date to your relatives and friends with a shooting session based on a project created on your love story.

tatuaggio sull'avambraccio della sposa

Getting Ready

Wedding photography

One of the moments that I mostly enjoy when I take photos is the stage of the preparations: I usually get to the bride’s house very early in the morning, we have a coffee together and we let our hair down. The same happens at the groom’s house with my colleague. What I care the most of these moments is the confusion around the bride: anxious mothers, emotional and happy friends, screaming children, curious neighbours, all-around dads that get constantly attacked by the women at the house for some sort of mistake, maids of honour running late, and all the small details finally taking shape after months and months of planning. This is just the beginning of a beautiful story that needs to be told.


Wedding photography

The most emotional and touching moment of your wedding is the ceremony. It doesn’t matter if it is a religious ceremony or a civil marriage: I will be there, from when the bride arrives to the moment when your friends will take their revenge and will throw tones of rise on your heads! I will be there, careful and invisible, trying my best to respect the rules of the venue where the ceremony will take place.
Just be yourselves, relax and be together, I will take care of the rest. Be emotional, I won’t ask you anything, and you won’t have to worry about me. You might happen to see me cry, but don’t bother. All is under control. It happens quite often, because I truly share your emotions, they are part of myself, and I am not ashamed to say it.

Love is…

Wedding photography

You spend months planning your wedding, then the day finally comes, you close your eyes and all’s over…
There are so many emotions to handle during that day, many guests to care for.
It might sound awkward, but there won’t be one single moment where the two of you can be together and realize that it’s all true!
Do not worry. I will take care of it. I am only going to ask you for ten minutes of your time for a walk in the venue that you have chosen. This is when I will try to steal your smiles, your glazes, a hug, a caress….I will be discreet and I will respect your moment to make sure you can have everlasting memories.


Wedding photography

I think the perfect wedding should be like a party, everyone should have fun and relax. I promise, some good music and good wine will help your guests to let loose so that everyone and not just the couple can be a protagonist.
My presence is unavoidable, but it won’t interfere with your party, I will just observe it and support it with my camera, your guest will elbow me while going wild on the dance floor. I am tiny, please have mercy on me!
Just one more thing…I am not going to walk around the tables taking pics of your guests eating dinner, as I don’t like it, I think it is quite rude and kind of tactless.
Also, I can’t stand the ‘mugshots’, I mean…those photos where the guests are forced to line up for ever in the heat to give me a fake plastic smile ‘facial paralysis’ style. Please…I beg you not to force me to take these kind of photos!


Wedding photography

How long did it take you to choose the wedding cake? Do you think I could ever drop you in that moment?
Of course I won’t, I will be there smiling while your best man will smash the groom’s head on a mountain of cream. I could never miss it…