A portrait is a trace. A trace that is essential to find out who we are looking back at what we were.
It can stop a single moment of joy, pain, or just simply vanity.


The thought of ending up in your family album, and be there for ever thanks to my own eyes is the most emotional feeling ever.

Personal Work

I am a curious soul. I like to talk through images and tell those stories that capture my attention.

My stories don’t always have an objective, they sometimes just answer to questions that seem not to have anything to share with the stories themselves.


The family is made of people, places, time and changes.

The family is history.

It is always touching to open the drawer where my mum keeps my family photos, they fill the gaps of my memory and they remind me of smells and sounds I can’t feel anymore.


The maternity is such an intimate and twisting moment.

It draws an important passage in a woman’s life and the way her body changes is a proof of this revolution.

I love the idea of portraying such a natural revolution with consideration and discretion.


“When you were a child you were a pest, you looked like your dad a lot. First, you were blond, then – who knows why – you turned into a brunette…your eyes were different as well, you liked to dance…”
Connecting those kind of stories to an image of what we used to be has a definitely stronger impact.